Computer Glasses: Do We Really Need Them?

We are aware that our increasingly digitized way of living requires us to spend many hours in front of computers, tablets, TVs, and phones. Although we might all agree that these digital devices are invaluable because they make our lives easier, some consequences come with their constant use. 

That’s exactly where computer glasses come in to save the day and rescue our eyes!


What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses, also known as blue light glasses, have been specifically designed to protect our eyes from overexposure to digital screens. They exist in many styles and colors and are typically available with or without prescription and for all ages: from adults to kids.

At Ozray we have carefully designed computer glasses using specifically chosen TR-90, so every one of us can find the glasses that perfectly suit our personalities. 

Here’s how our blue light blocking technology works: we’ve developed high-quality organic C-39 lenses capable of efficiently blocking 100% of the blue light under 410nm and 45% of the blue light on the 410nm – 450nm spectrum.

Our computer glasses also have a specially developed coating so we don’t have to suffer from the glare of our screens.

The results are very quickly noticeable! Our eyes feel relaxed and more comfortable. 


3 reasons why we need computer reading glasses

Computer glasses are becoming increasingly popular among digital professionals. They are stylish and comfortable and they have many benefits. 


Here’s why we need computer glasses:


1. To prevent digital eye strain 

Only recently has attention been drawn to the overwhelmingly common symptoms of digital eye strain: red and itchy eyes, dry eyes, headaches. Does that ring a bell?

Perhaps you are more familiar with the aptly-named Computer Vision Syndrome, another term to refer to this particular eye strain which also results in back and neck problems and bad quality of sleep.

Many factors can cause digital eye strain when being exposed to screens all day long: the contrast and brightness of our devices; the flickering glare that is emitted by artificial blue light; the fact that we tend to blink less when focused on our screens…learn more about the effects of digital eye strain and what causes it!

Computer glasses are a great way to prevent these symptoms!


2. To give some much needed TLC to our eyes

Did you know that when we are fast asleep our eyes often move at the maximum speed that our bodies are capable of?

This happens during REM sleep (which stands for Rapid Eye Movement), reaching amazing angular speeds of up to 900 degrees per second!

When we are awake, our eyes are constantly absorbing information and adjusting to light changes so that our vision is not compromised. They are forced to focus even harder when scrolling through our screens while adjusting to the different brightness and contrasts of our digital devices. As we have said previously, this can cause digital eye strain.

Our eyes deserve all the love we can give them. We protect our skin from the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun, right? It seems only logical that we should do the same with our eyes: our bodies will thank us later. 


3. To improve our sleep cycles

Did you know that blue light overexposure and sleep are strongly connected?

Several studies have investigated how too much blue light can affect our circadian rhythms: the way our body automatically tells us when it’s time to fall asleep or to wake up. 

It turns out that artificial blue light doesn’t mix well with our sleep patterns. When we are overexposed to that kind of light, especially close to bedtime, our levels of melatonin decrease, and our feeling of alertness is boosted. 

The result? You probably guessed it: it’s harder to fall asleep and the quality of our sleep cycles becomes poorer. 

By efficiently blocking artificial blue light with computer glasses, we can benefit from a better quality of sleep.

Join the digitally conscious generation who loves using Ozray’s computer glasses!