Gaming Glasses: 5 Reasons To Wear Them

Do your eyes get tired easily when you are gaming? Do you tend to get throbbing headaches or does your vision get blurry after hours of focusing on your favorite game? We know that it can be difficult to play competitively when your eyes get dry or your head’s constantly pounding.

That’s exactly why gaming glasses are the latest essential gear!

Do you know what they are and how they work?

If you want to continue gaming for years to come, here’s what you should know about gaming glasses!


What are gaming glasses?

In today’s society, technology is a crucial part of our daily lives. If you’re into the gaming world, technology and screens are definitely a must!

Gaming requires a lot of skills, time, patience, and… countless hours of dedication! At the end of the day, as gamers, our eyes are constantly absorbing information and artificial blue light from our screens, which can have adverse effects on our health and lead to Digital Eye Strain.

On top of that, screens also emit a glare that stresses our near vision and forces our eyes to focus much harder, which leads to the common sensation of blurry vision and headaches.


As a gamer, you are probably familiar with the “blue screen of death.” Well, constantly receiving blue light causes its own kind of damage: our display screens produce significant amounts of high-energy visible (HEV) light, but our eyes are not designed to purposely focus on that kind of light for such long periods.

The result? When we are gaming for hours, our eyes are working overtime to


So that’s precisely why we need extra protection for our vision. Gaming glasses

efficiently block blue light and remove glare from our screens, which means that we

can play for hours on end, with our eyes feeling noticeably more rested and relaxed.


What do gaming glasses really do?

There are two main factors responsible for eye tiredness and the so-called Computer Vision Syndrome:

● Long periods exposed to blue light

● The glare of our screens

At Ozray, we know how important it is to benefit from high-quality gaming glasses without having to sacrifice value or style.

That’s why we have carefully designed high-quality organic CR-39 lenses with gamers in mind: they block 100% of the blue light under 410nm and 45% of the blue light on the 410nm – 450nm spectrum.

We have a wide variety of colors and frames to choose from, so that you can find the perfect pair of gaming glasses that fits you best!


Gaming glasses: 5 benefits of blocking blue light

1. Better focus: whether we’re playing on small or large screens, our eyes are working 100% when we are gaming. Looking for clues, exploring different areas. What we probably don’t realize is that in the middle of such intense concentration, we blink less and our eye movement is also reduced. Gaming glasses give our eyes a little break. They won’t need to work so hard, therefore our eyes are able to focus for longer.

2. Reduce glare: Typically, games are composed of many different pixels with strong contrasts that can contribute to the feeling of flickering and flashing screens that emit glare. Blue light blocking glasses are also very efficient at reducing glare.

3. Prevent Digital Eye Strain: some of the most common effects of long periods in front of screens are dry eyes, red eyes and blurry vision. As gamers, our vision is crucial. Let’s give our eyes the protection they deserve!


Better focus


Reduce glare


Prevent digital eye strain

4. Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms: prevent headaches, neck and shoulder pain and eye strain. Gaming glasses are especially designed to reduce the level of visual stress our eyes endure.

5. Improve well-being and sleep quality: have you heard of the effects of blue light on circadian rhythms? That’s right, HEV can also affect our sleep patterns. That’s why blue light blocking glasses can help improve our sleep quality, which has a direct effect on our concentration during gaming!


Reduce CVS symptoms


Improve well being and sleep quality



Prescription gaming glasses

Ozray gaming glasses do not require a prescription. However, they are also available if you do want one: you will just need to complete your prescription details and we will send you your customized gaming glasses

Prescription gaming glasses are one of the best ways to ensure that your eyes are protected at all times, so you can just focus on your true passion: gaming.



Best gaming glasses

When looking for the best gaming glasses, there are a few factors we recommend taking into account: 

  • The quality of the blue light blocking lenses
  • The weight of the glasses
  • The effect of the lenses on colors

Ozray's high-quality gaming glasses offer a perfect balance between color perception and blue light blocking. Aside from the slightest yellowish appearance against white backgrounds, there’s almost no color distortion, so the graphics on your screens won’t be affected. 

Our lenses are specifically designed to be incredibly comfortable, to such an extent that you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing them!


  • Non-prescription lenses
  • A perfect balance between color perception and blue light filtering
  • Lightweight and incredibly comfortable
  • Highest quality scratch-resistant lenses
  • Ideal for people who do color sensitive-work
  • Stylish: different frames and colors