How To Clean Your Glasses: Don’t Miss Out On The Basic Steps

Don’t miss out on the basic steps.

The best way to enjoy Ozray blue light glasses for a long time is to adopt as soon as possible the best practices on how to clean our glasses. 

Many of us tend to carry our glasses in our bags, where they can get dirty, or we tend to put them on and take them off quite often, resulting in annoying fingerprint marks on our lenses. 

We encourage everybody to quickly learn some of these tips so that we can extend the life of our glasses and enjoy clean lenses. 

Follow these tips to clean your glasses without damaging or scratching the lenses:


How to clean the lenses

We are all probably guilty of cleaning our lenses with the corner of our shirt or with the nearest piece of fabric at hand. What we might not realize is that by doing so, we’re probably putting our lenses at risk of being damaged or even scratched. 

Although we might think they look clean, our t-shirts or any other kind of paper or textile used to clean our glasses don’t efficiently remove the dirt. On the contrary, they can make matters worse by moving the dirt around and storing it in the frame.


How best to clean our lenses then?

What to use? Why? How? Other tips
1. Always use a microfiber cloth: These cloths are specifically designed to pick up and carefully remove the dirt from our lenses without scratching them.  When using paper towels or our T-shirts (or any clothing) to clean our glasses, dust or debris can actually get trapped in our lenses and frames. That’s because the materials are too rough for our lenses. Ozray's glasses all come with a soft microfiber cloth that will help you to easily remove any dust, fingerprints or any other imperfection.  Try to wash your microfiber cloth once a week.
Did you know that microfiber cloths are also great to clean the screens of our smartphones?
2. Use a PH neutral soap with lukewarm water for additional cleaning. PH neutral soap softly cleans your lenses and any excess dirt they might have accumulated. Avoid using soap with any skin softener as they can damage your lenses.  Make sure to first apply some lukewarm water on your lenses, place a few drops of the soap and rub it with your fingers. Once you’ve finished, rinse them thoroughly and dry with a microfiber cloth. Avoid soaps with alcohol or any other solvents [1]. 
If your tap water is very strong and has many ingredients, try to use distilled water instead. 
3. Alternatively, you can also use a glasses cleaner. These sprays are specifically designed to clean our lenses, and we can find them anywhere in the world. Spray some of the product on your lenses and clean them with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to read the instructions before using the product: it should state that it is safe to use with anti-reflective coating (AR Coating [2])


How to clean the frame

We all agree that cleaning our lenses is essential; however, not many people realize that it is also important to properly clean the frames of our glasses as well.

After all, we tend to put our glasses on our heads or leave them resting on many different surfaces. At the end of the day, our frames are also gathering dirt. 

We recommend you clean your frames as soon as you feel they’re starting to become dirty by simply applying some lukewarm water and rubbing PH-neutral soap on the different parts of the frame. 

Rinse it with plenty of water and dry it with a microfiber cloth. Easy and quick!


How to store your glasses properly

Properly storing our glasses is another vital habit to implement to keep them clean for longer. We always recommend storing the Ozray glasses in their original case, as it has been specially designed with your particular glasses model in mind. 

That means that our glasses will be carefully protected and they should fit perfectly within the case. 

Ozray’s glasses are incredibly durable and can be stored in any dry place with a wide range in temperature (-20ºC to 40ºC/-4ºF to 104ºF). As you can see, you can travel to lots of countries in different seasons with our blue light glasses!


How to clean your glasses? The Don’ts!

  • Don’t wear your glasses on top of your head: they will get dirtier quicker and it damages the frame. Instead, use the eyewear cord that comes with all Ozray blue light glasses. This way, you’ll never drop them and you don’t have to worry about misplacing them!
  • Don’t replace any part unless with original replacement parts as it could damage the glasses or affect the blue light protection of the lenses. 
  • Never use household cleaning products on your glasses: they usually contain damaging solvents or alcohol, which could seriously damage the lenses. 
  • Avoid holding your glasses by the lenses: instead, you should handle your eyeglasses by holding them by the frames with both hands.
  • Don’t keep your glasses lying around without storing them properly in their case. 


To recap:

How to clean glasses?

  • With the help of a microfiber cloth
  • Wash with water and a PH neutral soap
  • Spray with a commercial glasses cleaner
  • And most importantly, avoid using household products with solvents or alcohol



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