Why Choose Ozray Lenses?

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Ozray’s lenses have a coating carefully developed with the digital generation in mind, as we are all constantly exposed to the blue light emitted by our digital devices like laptops, smartphones, TVs, and tablets.

Despite the enormous benefits of technology, we are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect our eyes and vision from the potential risks of overexposure to blue-violet light. 

Our vision can be affected when our eyes are strenuously working to focus and adapt to the contrasting lights in our surroundings and the glare from our screens. That’s why choosing specifically designed optical lenses to protect our vision is one of the best decisions we can all make to avoid the development of possible medical problems. 

Join the digitally conscious generation and enjoy the benefits of blue light glasses!

Ozray's lenses: superior quality and efficiency 

We believe that style, health, and vision benefits can be perfectly aligned. With that as our guiding principle, we strive to combine the greatest frames with the highest quality lenses. That is why we only work with CR-39 lenses made with top-quality organic materials.


They are manufactured by one of the world’s leading lens providers with the additional careful application of all the necessary coatings to guarantee the following amazing features: 

  • Anti-scratch: We’ve combined a very resistant and durable layer with an extremely smooth one. The results are great, as the risk of scratching the lenses is drastically reduced. 
  • Antistatic: Our lenses have a special antistatic coating that reduces the chances of dust getting stuck on the surface of the lenses, so we can enjoy dust-free vision for long periods.
  • Hydrophobic: Worrying about water droplets and oil stains after long hours of work? No need to! Our lenses have a special layer that prevents water droplets and oil stains from sticking to the lens. 
  • Easy to clean: The top coating of our lenses is incredibly smooth, which allows for effortless removal of any potential accumulated dirt, so we can all enjoy a crystal-clear view of the world around us.


How does Ozray's lens technology work?

Our high-quality organic CR-39 lenses block 100% of the blue light under 410nm and 45% of the blue light on the 410nm-450nm spectrum.

Our lenses use two types of technology: the first one reflects the blue light and the second one absorbs it. The effects are quickly perceived: our eyes feel more rested, relaxed, and strain-free when using our digital devices. 


What makes Ozray's lenses different?

Our eyes are one of the greatest tools at our disposal. They help us understand and admire our surroundings, and they absorb information non-stop

Blue light is an amazing natural source of energy that we find naturally in the environment; however, there are many other sources of artificial blue-violet light that we are constantly exposed to. Too much of this kind of light can have potential side effects known as Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain. If they remain untreated, they can lead, in time, to more serious medical problems. 

Ozray's blue light glasses are specifically designed to protect our eyes, so we can enjoy feeling worry-free all day long! 

Discover our range of stylish glasses: they are all crafted with a super-light frame, and they feel weightless and comfortable. The frames are also made with a rubberized texture for a better grip on your nose and ears! 

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